[Libreoffice-qa] [libreoffice-users] Ask.LibreOffice.org and Bugzilla Twitter accounts

Zeki Bildirici zeki at ozgurlukicin.com
Wed May 22 10:23:36 PDT 2013


I want you to inform about some minor updates:

- I've moved the external service for Ask site to dlvr.it because of
detailed statistics
- I've added FIXED bugs to Bugzilla stream. I've selected Bug Status=
Resolved, Resouliton=Fixed criteria, if i should add more criteria
please notify me. So this was the fix of fdo#50096

Well, also i checked dlvr.it statistics for Bugzilla account, despite
of having only 24 followers at the moment- we had good number of
clicks(276), we have 2,2 click ratio per link. Which means a streamed
bugs report on bugzilla has seen by 2,2 people. Which is a good number
and it is additional traffic. The geographical distribution seems good
too.If we can increase the number of followers more traffic and
interest will be provided. For last 24 hours, 73 clicks, 24 posts
which means 24 new bug is opened, ratio is ~3.0 per click)

Also i tried to check the statistics for Ask site but twitterfeed has
limited statistics, nearly %80 of questions has clicks, some has more
than one. Which is also good for the moment which we have 44

If you have twitter accounts, please follow the streams -whichever
gets your interest and will to contribute

LibreOffice Bugzilla:


(Personally following this feeds increased my interest on both sites,
answered some questions and wanted to answer more but i have a very
limited time for the moment)

Also posting about this accounts on TDF
planet(http://planet.documentfoundation.org/) may help to promote this
twitter accounts.

I will be posting to Google+ page and Facebook Page to get more
followers and (weeks) later i may write a blog post about how to
contribute LibreOffice by doing simple QA jobs in bugzilla and just
simply answering others questions in ask site including this accounts.

Your individual promoting of this accounts will be very appreciated indeed :)

Well, for the moment i am very optimistic about the gain from this
accounts. May be the first excitement may be worse, but we will see in
numbers in next month and following months.

Sorry for multiple-list-disturbance but this issue is related with all.

Best regards and keep being awesome for LibreOffice!

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