[Libreoffice-qa] LibreOffice Bugzilla (migration) Proposal

Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 16:48:35 PST 2013

On Sat, Nov 9, 2013 at 7:20 PM, bfoman <bfo.bugmail at spamgourmet.com> wrote:
> Robinson Tryon wrote
>>> - consider sending out explanation before, during and after the migration
>>> to
>>> all LO product reporters, people on cc lists
>> I think notification before the migration is prudent, but I'm hesitant
>> to send them emails both during and after migration, as they might
>> perceive that as us spamming them.
> Hi!
> As I work in LO's Bugzilla everyday I would like to know when the migration
> process will start, then informed that it started and Bugzilla will be
> unavailable, informed that it finished and FDO is disabled, greeted in new
> system with password change link. I do not consider it spam.

Anyone who's active in QA is on this list (or should be!), and all of
the developers are on (at least) the dev list. My thinking is that by
emailing out to all of the LibreOffice lists we'll cover 99.9%+ of all
of the people who need to know the details of this migration, without
sending multiple emails to all of the bug reporters who've filed a
single bug a year ago.

Perhaps I'll ask Charles/marketing if they have any sage words of
advice for us on the best way to inform our users without annoying
them :-)

> Robinson Tryon wrote
>>> - all personal searches, settings, tags, collected new chart data etc.
>>> should stay intact
>> If we clone the instance and stay on the same version of Bugzilla, I
>> believe all of this data will transfer correctly.
> Not all data is in database dump - see
> https://wiki.mozilla.org/Bugzilla:Move_Installation

I'm not sure I mentioned anything about a database dump in the
proposal. The current plan is to *clone* the install (database, code,
data, etc..) and then whittle-down that perfect copy of FDO Bugzilla.

> Robinson Tryon wrote
>> If we update Bugzilla at the same time as we perform the migration,
>> that may cause breakage ...
>> ...
> So please ask for FDO upgrade to 4.2.7 before migration as it is currently
> on Bugzilla 4.2.3, which have known security vulnerabilities and should be
> updated ASAP - http://www.bugzilla.org/security/

One of the reasons I'd like to migrate from FDO to our own
infrastructure is so we can upgrade Bugzilla to gain new features and
important security fixes on our own schedule. As I understand the
situation, the FDO admins have a limited amount of time to spend on
FDO maintenance, and some fraction of that time to spend on the
LibreOffice project.

Unless infra has significant concerns about the ability of FDO to
continue operations through Q1 2014, my strong suggestion is that we
prioritize migration if FDO upgrades may delay our timeline.


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