[Libreoffice-qa] Test-bugs in Bugzilla

Rob Snelders libreoffice at ertai.nl
Wed Nov 13 23:09:14 PST 2013

I think Rainer just asked every few months when there where some 
These bugs don't need to be removed straight away so to delete them once 
in a while is ok.
Now would be such a time for example. If we move soon then once more 
right before the move would be the next time.
(perhaps something for on the actionlist at the move)

Robinson Tryon schreef op 14-11-2013 06:29:
> On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Rob Snelders <libreoffice at ertai.nl> 
> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Today I cleaned up in the test-bugs we have. If you make a test-bug 
>> and want
>> it removed from the database. Please set the module to deletionrequest 
>> and
>> set the status to CLOSED. That way the administrators can remove them.
>> (I also didn't do this correctly a lot of times, but this is the way 
>> it
>> should be done)
> Is there an easy way to get notifications of when there are new bugs
> filed or transfered into that module?  It's just not something that I
> would necessarily remember to do. (We could probably set up a cron job
> to bug the admins if there are open bugs in there...)
>> Rainer would make sure they got removed once in a while. Is somebody 
>> from
>> our team who can do that now or do we need to ask FDO-admins to delete 
>> those
>> now? Does anybody know?
> I think Joel can do that. I'm not sure who has admin powers right now
> (beyond Tollef and the other FDO admins), but I think the list will
> increase once we complete the 1st phase of the Bugzilla migration.
> --R
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