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Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Fri Nov 15 23:04:35 PST 2013

Good morning Robinson, *,
On Freitag, 15. November 2013 20:52 Robinson Tryon wrote:
> We've had some great discussion/planning on IRC today, so I want
> to sum-up what we've said and make some notes for the future:

thank you for that :)

> - We like the idea of a feedback page
> - Put it in Silverstripe
> - Suggested URL: https://libreoffice.org/feedback


> - Joel is going to get us a mailing list (EN) for feedback
> - Localize it -> Sophie will help coordinate l10n teams
> - First draft: http://testing.eagleeyet.net/~qubit/www-feedback/


> Feedback form or mailto: link?  Why not both?:
> http://ux.stackexchange.com/questions/6959/contact-form-or-mailto-link

Good question ... I would prefer mail, but there are some good 
arguments in this site to use both of them ... ;)

> The general plan is:
> The 'Give Feedback' link in the program will take you to the
> feedback
> page (instead of the BSA). If a  'locale' variable is passed-in,
> the feedback page will provide a localized version (if available),
> but we'll have some kind of language-picker on the side of the
> page for users to select.

Sounds good :)

> By default, the Ask, Bug/Enhancement, and Send (Email) Feedback
> links will note that they are English-only. Any l10n team that
> provides language-specific versions of these services (e.g. the
> FR-BSA) may file a request to have the feedback page offer the
> l10n service instead of the English default.


> Anything else I'm missing?

Yes (but maybe I am the only one, who is missing this info ... ;) ). 
How do you want to show users the existing feedback (on your draft 
there is the text "Want to see other people's feedback first?" below 
the header "Give feedback", which links to 
http://libreoffice.org/sent-feedback-available-here/)? Should this 
not be on the same page (libreoffice.org/feedback)? Maybe some kind 
of ... Hm, JS/frame which opens, when you click on the link. But I 
am not sure, if this is doable in SilverStripe at all ... :( But 
this feedback should be anonymized then ... ;)
Thank you for your sum-up

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