[Libreoffice-qa] Freeze in Calc, when a column is selected and you press <Ctrl>+<A>?

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Fri Nov 22 10:39:28 PST 2013

Hello @ll,
as I was translating the Germanophone help, I played a little bit 
with Calc ... ;) When I enter some data in different cells, mark a 
whole column, and then press <Ctrl>+<A> directly freezes, when I 
then rightclick on the marked area ... :( Can someone confirm it, 
please? Discovered with parallel installed Germanophone LO Version: Build ID: c2b9ad37f8a8de9c7dbdd76c86aecf6388107056 
under Debian Testing AMD64.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Enter "Date", "Start" and "End" as headers
2. Enter e.g. "22/11/2013" (I have used "22.11.2013", as I am 
translating the Germanophone version of LO, if this is important ... 
;) ) in the column titled "Date"
3. Pull the triangle down the row to fill the dates up to 30/11/2013
4. Below "Start" I entered "8:00" und pulled it down to the row with 
5. Below "End" I entered 16:45 and filled the column up to 

Now column C should be marked.

6. Press <Ctrl>+<A>
7. Rightclick somewhere, wait a little bit and click somewhere with 
the left mouse button.
On my system LO immediately freezes and does not respond to any 
click ... :(

Can someone confirm this with an other system 
(OS/architecture/etc.)? And maybe knows, if this is already reported 
to bugzilla?
TIA for testing
P.S.: If someone finds a faster way to freeze, feel free to tell me 
... ;)

CONGRATULATIONS!  Now should I make thinly veiled comments about
DIGNITY, self-esteem and finding TRUE FUN in your RIGHT VENTRICLE??

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