[Libreoffice-qa] Annouce: Bibisect for MACOSX

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 11:32:44 PST 2013

Dear QA

I have created a bibisect repo that contains all the released
LibreOffice version for MacOSX
from 3.3.0 to 4.1.3
:~/bibisect_mac_release$ git log --format=oneline
6764e42916679fba49aca76acfb0d0146c1802b3 source tag:libreoffice-
b99c3afaa75a97fe385f1a4eaee26657423776cd source tag:libreoffice-
6ef6cacabdd1f20959237ff6539c3029c587c779 source tag:libreoffice-
413df2d07aaca73b51dba768ead4cb00e63bb110 source tag:libreoffice-
e96b76e7485ac36071dcc0e5c5b8c1f353e298c8 source tag:libreoffice-
205bdc03621bb104619d2bdc0eb1a4468e6ecfc8 source tag:libreoffice-
6c3aaf18099bc1b1c8d520844d3f262208baf71d source tag:libreoffice-
4249c24dd4130c913752ab3d8c6e6f68fbc57b10 source tag:libreoffice-
97df88c1260f61d0fba294c67d52746307bf2c58 source
641868e39189a35b35f3be58eea9c5e164343c38 source
b224a76fb5957378eb27fab4949a6855db251d70 source tag:libreoffice-
3b3da5b0459799f868c8682054531f0cd104ce07 source
473a4054027df523969b28c932a4959021c869ca source tag:libreoffice-
9034b57701f6f2e3aed901cbc7fb8451c62213b9 source tag:libreoffice-
7e210e1ae8bb9e1a721af2b8a038d30154c0cbdf source tag:libreoffice-
7c5ecfb03eae6cdc5874553e4bb19f22aa5ea43a source tag:libreoffice-
7806b9e796c6e2db576a5d789ac7e18dbbdf7cd9 source tag:libreoffice-
ea3191feceacac878f9848358996b5f9d1b64339 source tag:libreoffice-
4c16631aed9255b06894c254b53ea716a758a12e source tag:libreoffice-
b36a21f9c8f82510568f06e5f28b8ba80b2990c8 source tag:libreoffice-
f52f462dabb56d2595eef297aa8ac59b445ffe66 source tag:libreoffice-
e3f24f8aa588e66e3226f39c778f685a19be5ae5 source tag:libreoffice-
a27422805b2398499fb093594e66f972ae39a94e source tag:libreoffice-
3f72155092b8f3eb4453c181c1ecb773487a1407 source tag:libreoffice-
5cdc8ab54502ce0db9df4cd19600cbe7627ad45e source tag:libreoffice-
ccf2e2a8ad05325cc7f1893a3df3f5b97fcaba52 source
80b454888d4ba16480661030ab07a8555a4bf583 source
8dcaf6efa358387b57928de0dd3ddef6d3b55bfa source tag:libreoffice-
1b179c7470dba19df676d137f2f5aab8c48a7387 source tag:libreoffice-
69b7e3430ed39aa8b861b3eaf8d3442a8171d7f9 source tag:libreoffice-
d3293c0123e914e551709dbe707a2a99c11790ee source tag:libreoffice-
2b006cbe42461b336c7abd22370987718180df63 source tag:libreoffice-
6c617c4efd7299659142ac233052d9ca2393d24f source tag:libreoffice-
6373c728fa530fd28fc4351db0d2d89398620f1e source tag:libreoffice-
f5dd641702501b507638d2c8448578f947c73fe7 source tag:libreoffice-
4516e4c77220e7c4304ee01239c9065c2e02790a source tag:libreoffice-
32a4fdfdd3b1118032535b3585c36af7969484e0 source tag:libreoffice-
75403b6c2aead4771dfafcf004a96d962e43cc8e source
f438ab78ed6da6028e99217b5112a8b47f7c7011 source tag:libreoffice-
0c5058a0589b7a81488c51181bce02fe01cb0b2f source tag:libreoffice-
82c671a306525658048a8d95e3aadce9a2747c42 source tag:libreoffice-
d7b5fd744d1d0a060e73d3c207cfd863482657d0 source tag:libreoffice-
63029fe1d87448b21e6890771c7c5c50e0e4fa36 source tag:libreoffice-
5f9110a8ffb07e5a645dc80d0de0e4d6649857c6 source tag:libreoffice-
459c156f27d58a525be7b41cf4bbc7f1535882f2 source tag:libreoffice-
c84e858598e2c0ebdc4b047ae9372d57fc720f5f source tag:libreoffice-
68d9507319778b630192b1bc5d55b3d6530054fc source tag:libreoffice-
9c2c333784e46c3b8904aae7dddee54f89e76c1c source tag:libreoffice-
8232ff86058b23bc4de8bba4b35b12aa83da7696 source tag:libreoffice-
19bce8b17afa67a9fd27e6ead32a1673eb84ddea source tag:libreoffice-
fb27222111052dd86acd8dcaa9b18c5e5bf9a1ed source tag:libreoffice-
8765986c0b813367acffcc6d8d9e6629d84a987b source tag:libreoffice-

that was built by downloading the dmg out of our website, mounting
them and copying LibreOffice.app in the git repo.

over time I will add new release... but with some delay for the most
current release to keep thinks 'linear'
iow I will only add the 4-2 series once 4.1 is out of service and no
new release is expected for it

that git repo can be downloaded from


I will make it available as annongit clone later.. but due to the size
it is prolly best to do a http download initially anyway.

Feedback welcomed.


I am also working (not finished yet) on a bibisec repo to cover master
from the tag where we branched the 4-1 branches to the point where we
branched 4-2
iow the development period of 4.2 on master...and then add the commit
on libreoffice-4-2 branches....

then I will repeat the process for 4-3 dev... etc...
hopefully by then I wil have the scripting in place to do that using
the existing tinderbox rather than running for 3 weeks 24/7 on one
machine to catch-up :-)

FYI the bibisect_release has 54 version and he .git is 1.6 GB
the bibisect_42_dev repo has 2160 version so far... expected to be
~2500 by the time it is caugh-up. I'm not certain what the size will
be... but it looks like it could be 5-6GB

Note: the version are build as 'release'.. and the git repo contain
the resulting LibreOffice.app

I'm hoping to have a first version of that repo with everything up to
the libreoffice-4-2 branch point, uploaded by next week...

Note: that bibisect-43-dev repo will look like
commit 136674a206cb534c0c7219155b6c381d29723638
Author: Norbert Thiebaud <nthiebaud at gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Nov 21 06:48:43 2013 -0600

    source sha:69f08eda0bd999c827c76d3bf0b9c925b7eb25f7

    source sha:69f08eda0bd999c827c76d3bf0b9c925b7eb25f7
    source sha:2770de8b66e2f2a628ad0b6b00a66002c26b3cd7
    source sha:4b139b8d939376be2f6e5ca3568b0ec875a3f834
    source sha:e873440b49de8c9547e7c7029c3384372e2ba38a

commit 93a6705e65a6d783b58ba2c22f19d9bfc4e96ad1
Author: Norbert Thiebaud <nthiebaud at gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Nov 21 06:47:32 2013 -0600

    source sha:4b6445dba6bb5b2aed3edb4878ecb327446286e9

    source sha:4b6445dba6bb5b2aed3edb4878ecb327446286e9

commit 77bf53cd0c43e078eb72462090a3597745813270
Author: Norbert Thiebaud <nthiebaud at gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Nov 21 06:46:17 2013 -0600

    source sha:ba511f8002a2da521f06c3a6a0c60aa6de79d170

    source sha:ba511f8002a2da521f06c3a6a0c60aa6de79d170
    source sha:59373b753902f69cd44d183568b084429322e7ab

for each commit a first source sha:xxxxxxx the one that show-up in the
short-log is the sha of core that was built for this version
the following source sha:xxxx in the commit message list all the
source sha that are in this version and where not in the previous
version stored in the bibisect repo.
This can be useful when one know a source sha that is good/bad to
quickly find the binary version associated to frame/narrow the

so to find the binary version of a given source sha:
git log --grep=<source sha>

one notable exception: the very first commit of the repo contains:
commit e47ec366529846e008a4db27c8c507cdc7714c78
Author: Norbert Thiebaud <nthiebaud at gmail.com>
Date:   Sun Nov 10 19:12:32 2013 -0600

    source sha:02021163dbbcc8904da0b2138c8b53684dcc8ab4

    source sha:02021163dbbcc8904da0b2138c8b53684dcc8ab4

tag BEGIN_BIBISECT here is to avoid listing all the source commit from
the beginning of time until there :-)
It can be used in script to detect the first commit by only looking at
the commit messages


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