[Libreoffice-qa] bug 72915

Niklas Johansson sleeping.pillow at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 23:49:36 PST 2013

Hi Tim

I belive that this actually is the expected behavior.

Tim Lloyd skrev 2013-11-26 04:54:
> If I enter 7/8 the cell shows 41493.
Well this is the numeric representation of the date 2013-08-07. So the 
problem is that Calc is converting the value 7/8 into a date. If you go 
to Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Languages, you can enter 
what patterns that are to be recogniced as dates in the text box Date 
acceptance patterns. If you remove D/M from the list of comma separated 
patterns then you can enter 7/8 and it will no longer be converted.

Of course it would be nice if the cell format would have some sort of 
precedence over these auto-conversion functionality but that is at best 
a feature request.


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