[Libreoffice-qa] Colour "[]" in LibreLogo's "Area Style / Filling"

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Tue Nov 26 07:53:32 PST 2013

Hi @ll,
when you create a new Writer document, click on "Start Logo program 
(text or selected text of the document)" button in LibreLogo's 
toolbar (this green triangle, which looks like a play button ... ;) 
) and mark the automatically inserted picture, the "Area Style / 
Filling" in the toolbar shows a green colour, but instead of a name 
right of it, it shows only (square? I am not sure, if this is the 
right term in English, sorry ... :( ) brackets ... :(

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new Writer document
2. click on the symbol with the green triangle
3. mark the newly inserted image
4. look in LibreLogo's toolbar right of the dropdown menu with 
"Color" in it.
You will then see this green colour with "[]" on its right side ... 
:( In LO Version: Build ID: 
70feb7d99726f064edab4605a8ab840c50ec57a there is the name "Light 
green" (in my Germanophone version "Hellgrün" ... ;)

Is this intended? Could someone confirm it?

LO: Version: Build ID: 
f4ca7b35f580827ad2c69ea6d29f7c9b48ebbac7 (parallel installed with 
Germanophone lang- as well as helppack)
OS: Debian Testing AMD64

TIA for testing

I want you to organize my PASTRY trays ... my TEA-TINS are gleaming 
in formation like a ROW of DRUM MAJORETTES -- please don't be 
FURIOUS with me --

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