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Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 07:44:53 PDT 2013

Hi All,

So far I've gotten no interest in this at all (which is unfortunate). If 
I don't get at least a few responses by Wednesday I' going to call it 
off (as it's really just not worth it if we don't have minimum of 4 
preferably 5-6). It would be really nice to get a North American team 
consistently contributing as right now Europe dominates the contributor 
side and IMHO it looks bad for us in North America to be using the 
product but not contributing something in return as FLOSS software 
really depends on a community, a give and take relationship. Really 1 
hour a month is enough time to give back a bit.

All the best,

On 09/30/2013 07:45 AM, Joel Madero wrote:
> Hi All,
> I hope this email finds everyone doing well. I would like to propose 
> another North America QA pub chat (this time I may even bring a beer) 
> for next Friday (the 11th) at the same time (12:00pm EST). If we can 
> get at least 5 people I think it's worth catching up, see what 
> everyone has been up to, get an update from Robinson's trip to Milan 
> (yes, Robinson went to the conference in Milan....he'll make sure to 
> rub it in our face about how amazing it was), and anything else that 
> comes to mind.
> Like always this chat is open to everyone, just the time is set up so 
> that it's functional for us in North America to make without having to 
> wake up at 5am.
> If you're interested please respond letting me know so that I can get 
> a head count. If it reaches 5, Robinson and I will work on a tentative 
> agenda but I'd like this one to be more interactive than the last :)
> All the Best,
> Joel
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