[Libreoffice-qa] Press on "Tools - Options - LibreOfficeDev - Online Update - Change" crashes master?

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Sun Aug 3 20:10:39 PDT 2014

Good morning Richard, *,
On Mo, 4. Aug 2014 04:01 Richard wrote:
> Installed 4.4 master on Debian Stable w/backports
> executed the following:
> 1. Go to "Tools - Options - LibreOfficeDev - Online Update"
> 2. Click on the "Change..." button
> and get the following result: in the annexed image,

attachments are blocked on this list (but as I got an additional 
mail with the attachment ... ;) ). It is better to upload it 
somewhere (to a file hoster, your website, if you have one, etc.) 
... ;)

Interestingly, you can select a different path, where I got a crash 
... ;)

> but no error.
> Maybe it's a Jessie thing?

Maybe. Or some 32bit vs. 64bit thingie or ... ;) For that reason I 
have asked here instead of reporting it to Bugzilla, where it would 
be closed as "WFM" immediately ... ;)

Thanks for testing and have a nice day
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