[Libreoffice-qa] Bacchanaly around Bug 81041

Jay Philips philipz85 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 6 05:44:31 PDT 2014

Hi Urmas,

I saw activity from you in bugzilla today, so i thought it was time to
make amends. Firstly, i'd like to say that i didnt snitch on you to the
moderator, a moderator saw our discussion and decided to do that
himself. I've been instructed that the best means of settling
differences between users is on the QA mailing list and not bugzilla.

Regarding the bug, I was mistaken about it, which i have just mentioned
in the bug. I wasnt aware that the change was intentional, neither was
Cor Nouws, and i would have appreciated it if you would have taken the
time to educated me as such with clear information, like asking me to
check the 4.3 release notes.

I was asked not to comment on your email at the time it was sent and i
think that was the best course of action, so that any anger that was in
the air could die down. I dont hold anything against you for the words
you used against me in the email, as sometimes we say things in anger
that shouldnt be said. And if you dont wish to apologize for it, that is
fine. I'm here volunteering to help improve LibO and hope we can be nice
to each other, as i like being part of the QA team, and hope they feel

Jay Philips

On 07/30/2014 09:38 PM, Urmas wrote:
> Interesting things happen in LO QA community.
> Instead of reading 4.3 release notes, as an adequate person would, "Jay Philips" in comment 15 starts being rude (and authoritative) to me, which I —knowing about the dreck open source generally attracts— can look over; but than he snitches me over to the moderator, which is unacceptable.
> Fistly, is that 'person' going to excuse itself?,
> Secondly, I would like to get an official response: is LO a project where the adequate and sane people work, and it is safe for normal people to interact with, or is it some Gnome-like community of 1½ faggots in a circle?
> Providing a reputation of LO as a commercial-grade professional software, I would like to receive some explanations about faggots and snitches in its public-faced parts being the QA community.
> Thanks.
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