[Libreoffice-qa] Base has serious problems with forms with subforms within subforms

elderdanlewis elderdanlewis at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 11:22:17 PDT 2014

     FYI about bug #81520: I have downloaded the master Libreoffice for 4.4. I can confirm that this bug has been fixed.


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Subject: Re: [Libreoffice-qa] Base has serious problems with forms with subforms within subforms 

     There are now three bug reports on this particular problem: 81976, 82150 (mine), and 82151 (filed by the person who mentioned the problem in the user list).  I have marked mine as a duplicate of 81976. Between the three bug reports, there are three databases which exhibit the problem. How much confirmation is needed? Any idea when this might be fixed? ( 81976 was filed for


On 08/04/2014 04:06 PM, elderdanlewis wrote:
Bug report 82150. As promised I attached an ODB file with the problem. It's part of the Base guide.


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From: Joel Madero 
Date:08/04/2014 3:41 PM (GMT-05:00) 
To: Dan Lewis ,libreoffice-qa at lists.freedesktop.org 
Subject: Re: [Libreoffice-qa] Base has serious problems with forms with subforms within subforms 

Sure thing - just link us to the bug report and make sure there are repro steps on the bug report. Thanks!


On 08/04/14 12:32, Dan Lewis wrote:
    The same embedded database with subforms within subforms will open and work properly using I am using Debian x86_64 version. Specifically, the primary-foreign key pair are not joined within the form. If a query is created with all the controls of the form, all the information is visible. If controls are placed in the form for this primary-foreign key pair, the controls do NOT have the same value regardless of what record is selected.
   I will be filing a bug shortly. It would be nice if someone could verify this problem. I will also upload the database to the bug report.


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