[Libreoffice-qa] Media Support in LibreOffice

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 09:43:45 PDT 2014

Le 29/08/2014 16:19, Robinson Tryon a écrit :

Tested today in QuickTime 10.3 with Perian installed :

AVI (IV4L codec)
OGV (Xiph Theora, VORBIS)

None of the above video containers could be read by QuickTime, with or
without Perian.

Note that Perian over QT appears as a separate menu entry in the "Open
with..." context menu, howver, it doesn't take Perian's app icon, which
indicates that it probably isn't registered properly with QT. This would
coincide with other reports that Perian doesn't work on OSX 10.9.

All of the above can be played back successfully (full video and audio)
by both MPlayerX and VLC independently.

I would add that from my limited testing, QuickTime 10.3 on OSX 10.9.4
can convert WebM to MOV on the fly, but the audio gets lost in the process.

WEBM (VP8 video, Vorbis audio) - converted on fly, no audio

MP4 (H264 video, MP4A audio) - full video and audio playback without


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