[Libreoffice-qa] ping to retest old bugs

Terrence Enger tenger at iseries-guru.com
Tue Dec 30 12:41:00 PST 2014

On Tue, 2014-12-30 at 09:01 -0800, Joel Madero wrote:
> Hey Tommy,
> Top posting because this is finally happening. Before running it
> officially I'd like to allow people to see the text I'm using and the
> query I'm going to use it on.
> Text: http://pastebin.com/7GiJnj7N (note, not looking for nit-picky, but
> if there is a serious problem with it, please let me know)

It says, in part: 
    Your bug was confirmed at least 1 year ago and has not had any
    activity on it for over a year.

> Query:
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/buglist.cgi?bug_severity=blocker&bug_severity=critical&bug_severity=major&bug_severity=normal&bug_severity=minor&bug_severity=trivial&bug_status=NEW&chfieldto=-2Y&list_id=509836&product=LibreOffice&query_format=advanced&short_desc=meta&short_desc_type=notregexp&status_whiteboard=EasyHack&status_whiteboard_type=notregexp
> What I tried to do (I hate FDO queries): 2+ years no activity, exclude
> anything with meta or easyhack, also excluded are enhancement requests.

This, of course, makes "at least 1 year ago" and "over a year" true,
but they are understatements.  FWIW, I agree with Stuart that
three-hundred-odd is a good number to hit.

Can you capture and publish a list of the bugs you ping this way?
Then we can:

(1) See what results from the ping.  Idle curiosity is not to be
    denied, but we might learn something useful.

(2) Get quickly on the case where the original confirmer is absent or
    not cc'd in the bug report or the reporter responds with a

(3) Graciously thank reporters for staying interested for over two
    years.  If we have thoughts about the next step toward a fix, this
    would be a good time to state them.  Not to suggest that
    boilerplate text is the best we can do, but perhaps some selection
    (*) Thank you for making the effort to respond after we allowed
        your report to languish so long.
    (*) Having this bug resolved helps the project to focus on
        outstanding bugs.
    (*) From your comment, it seem that the situation has changed; I
        am updating the bug summary accordingly.
    (*) I am unsure what the next step should be; setting needQAAdvice
        in whiteboard.
    (*) I am setting status NEW to return this bug to the developers.

> Let me know if the query looks okay. Thanks all, sorry for the horrible
> delay :)

We welcome complaints from anybody who has done the work.  <grin />

Thank you for this work.
> Best,
> Joel

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