[Libreoffice-qa] Update on Bisect GUI 4 Windows

Florian Reisinger florei at libreoffice.org
Sat Feb 8 10:12:24 CET 2014


You can find a first version here: http://florei-libo.115.at/QA/monoBibiGUI/
Basically it is working....
The bad thing is: A commit needs ~2:36 to checkout....
FYI: The size of a commit (on disk) is 1,03 GB, a master parallel 
installation is @450 MB --> Speedup 100%+ (I guess 1:10 to extract) Can 
this optimization be done???

Hear you all on Monday :)

Liebe Grüße | Yours,
Florian Reisinger

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