[Libreoffice-qa] The term "Online Help" (was: Use of abbreviations in this ML)

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Sun Jan 12 04:31:00 PST 2014

Le 2014-01-11 08:05, Christian Lohmaier a écrit :
> Hi Pedro, *,
> Am 11.01.2014 12:50 schrieb "Pedro" <pedlino at gmail.com
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>  > [abbreviations or the term Online Help] ...
> So let's hear some suggestions. I assume everyone will understand which
> one is meant when they read the term "Offline Help" in isolation. If you
> disagree, please also suggest a different term for that.
> Ciao
> Christian

I have been following this discussion and the only worry I have is that 
the doc team is not included on it. IMO, Jean should be aware of this 
discussion as the acronyms and any potential changes may have an effect 
on the various documentation terminology that is being used in our docs.

It would be nice if any changes were coordinated with all affected groups.

 From my point of view OLH (Online Help), and, from a vernacular point 
of view for most users, would mean that once you choose that particular 
link/menu item, that you would be sent "online" on the internet for the 
help files. The OLH menu link, when viewed in context in any particular 
software package, usually means to a user that she/he will be taken to 
help files for that particular software available on the internet.

IMO, if we would want to make it clearer that the help files are NOT 
online, then another name/acronym should be created to properly describe 
the menu choice. Making as short, descriptive, obvious and as literal as 
possible, IMO, should be our primary goal; this will ensure that all 
competency levels of users (whether newbies or knowledgeable users) are 
clear as to the menu choice they are making. Perhaps just labelling 
"Help Documents" would be sufficient enough. The fact that there is no 
"online" will be obvious enough that the user is not being sent online 
for help docs and that the local files are always accessible to the user.



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