[Libreoffice-qa] [ANN] LibreOffice 4.2.0 RC3 available

Sophie gautier.sophie at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 01:38:08 PST 2014

Le 26/01/2014 03:10, suokunlong a écrit :
>>  printing a spreadsheet with computations on decimal numbers,
>> produces always a data loss because numbers are rounded. But you do not
>> loss any data in your spreadsheet, only on the paper. Printing acts as a
>> filter, it keeps some data and leaves out some others. You must manage 
>> that.
> This bug is a different thing with decimal. The big problem is, what you 
> see on screen is much different from what you get on print.
> At a IT professional's point of view, this can be managed by merging 
> cells, using an earlier version of LO when print, etc.
> But, at a normal user's point of view, this is disaster and may keep him 
> avoid using LO.
>      * One may have many spreadsheets created by earlier versions of LO 
> which contains many long text flowing outside cells (just like me). When 
> upgrade to 4.2, he has to "manage" this when printing. Think about the 
> situation when your boss want you to print some spreadsheets and he need 
> the papers in 10 minutes, what will you do? Keep in mind that this 
> situation is true everyday in the office.
>      * All office suites, including MSO, WPS, Apache OpenOffice, and 
> LibreOffice, they all have out-flowed text when the next cell is blank, 
> and what one see on screen is what we see on paper.
>      * I am sure 50%+ of the daily users need to export their 
> spreadsheets to PDF, or print them on paper, or just print preview to 
> see what they look like, before sending to others.
> For me, I will not upgrade to 4.2 unless this bug is fixed. But how 
> about for those who are not aware of this behaviour?
> Even if this is not a blocker, in the release notes their should be no 
> words like "this release if ready for daily use", or "recommend to upgrade".

And that will not be the case because we know that 4.2.0 is not ready
for use in production. And this is noted on the download page.

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