[Libreoffice-qa] is fdo#81113 a release blocker for 4.3.0?

Joren DC jorendc at libreoffice.org
Wed Jul 16 07:55:02 PDT 2014

Hi David,

Thanks for bringing this to the mailinglists.

op 16-07-14 16:01, David Tardon schreef:
> Hi all,
> Any opinions on $SUBJECT? The bug has got importance highest/critical;
> unfortunately it was triaged a day too late... Note that this is just
> one possible manifestation of the problem: the same misdetection (and
> failure to open the file) can happen whenever a remote file is opened.
> It depends on whether the file is detected before the Keynote filter is
> tried.
I had a little chat with David in the IRC:

(16:46:17) jorendc: dtardon: what file formats are affected do you think?
(16:46:29) jorendc: dtardon: depending on that it might be a blocker or
not (IMHO)
(16:47:00) dtardon: jorendc, i have no idea. any that would come after
keynote during the detection
(16:47:28) jorendc: dtardon: is there a chronological list where I can
see what comes after keynote detection?
(16:48:27) dtardon: jorendc, no, there isn't
(16:49:29) jorendc: dtardon: okay, I see. But I assume all ODF and other
common file formats (OOXML,...) are non affected? I'm struggling about
how many users'd be affected.
(16:49:46) jorendc: And the fact we still advice to use 4.3.0 version
for testing purpose
(16:49:55) jorendc: (very) early adopters
(16:50:05) dtardon: jorendc, these should be well before that

Little summary:
* As far I understand _most common_ file formats are not affected
* We clearly state that point .0 versions are for testing/(very) early
adopters only.

As far I'm concerned: don't block the release of 4.3.0 but make sure it
is in 4.3.1.

Kind regards,

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