[Libreoffice-qa] Internal Updater

Joel Madero jmadero.dev at gmail.com
Sun Jul 20 10:35:33 PDT 2014

Hi All,

I know we've discussed this already a few times - both within ESC and
within the QA call but I wanted to get a better sense of what is needed
to move forward with getting it fixed. FWIW I've closed 3 bugs this at
least tangentially related to the subject.

So - from what I understand the entire updater is just broken, when you
get a notification that there is a new version you click it and it just
takes you to the website where additional clicks are needed to download,
and then more to install.

QA has discussed this a few times and generally I think we've come up
with a roadmap of what would be ideal but I know that it will require
others to implement so I'm not trying to "push" this onto any developer
just curious how (if at all) we can get it fixed.

Phase I:
Fix what is already there - currently you can go to Help -> Check for
Updates and there is a "Install" button that is always inactive. How
much work would it take to at least fix that? If this will never get
fixed (or be a long time) I think we should remove the button as it just
reminds users about a broken feature that has been broken for a long
time already.

FWIW here I think we need to be clearer about what it means to "check
for update" because it's based on what branch you are on

Phase II:
Add new options to allow a user to select the branch they want
(fresh/stable/pre-release) and then another option to either "download
only" or "download and install" which would automatically either
download to a folder or download and install upon release.

I think Phase II would be an amazing addition that would be kind of one
of those big things we could run some PR about during a major release.

Like I said - not pushing this on anyone, just curious where we stand as
I see updater related bug reports and enhancement requests and QA has
discussed it quite a few times as something that we feel need some

Best Regards,

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