[Libreoffice-qa] 4.2.1 is a Stable version???

M Henri Day mhenriday at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 09:19:04 PST 2014

2014-03-08 17:50 GMT+01:00 Pedro <pedlino at gmail.com>:

> Hi Christian, *
> Christian Lohmaier-3 wrote
> > They are not for conservative users, but that is different from being
> > stable vs testing.
> You are right about Stable vs Testing. My mistake (but that is just
> nit-picking...)
> The fact that version 4.2.1 is being pushed to every new user (with an
> almost hidden and currently outdated Release Notes as an argument that
> people are warned) proves that Quality is an after-thought...
> Still disappointed.

​But Pedro, surely quality is not a function of terminology - or
numerology, ​
​for that matter ? Whether version 4.2.1 is ready for release to the
general public without a warning has more to do with how well and how
reliably it functions than that the third digit is a «1»....

Kudos to the developers, who in my opinion, have done a great job in
providing us users with quality products !...

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