[Libreoffice-qa] 4.2.1 is a Stable version???

Pedro pedlino at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 08:52:26 PDT 2014

Hi Björn

Bjoern Michaelsen wrote
> Since we are doing the "LibreOffice Fresh"/"LibreOffice Stable" thing on
> the
> website now, that is indeed misleading. As the contrast is against
> prerelease
> versions, I would suggest to maybe change that wording to "LibreOffice is
> available in the following finalized versions:".

+1 on the wording
However Stable is not inappropriate (as opposed to Development) since the
version is NOT unstable... It might crash now and then,  but not more than
any other version/software :)

Bjoern Michaelsen wrote
> But the QA list is the wrong place for this -- as it is about the website
> and
> should be discussed on that list accordingly.

Actually this is not about the website. It is about the projects
quality/coherence  philosophy. I have two options: accept it or leave the
mailing list/project. This is not in any way a threat/warning, it's a
decision I have to make personally.

Bjoern Michaelsen wrote
> Finally, the tone of your mail is quite worrying and suggests separating
> "us
> vs. them". There are a lot of volunteers involved in this and you are not
> winning them over to your point of view by offending them. Ultimately, the
> new
> website design has been available for review for a long time with active
> calls
> for feedback. Coming this late and then ranting about wording doesnt help
> your
> cause.

There is no "us". I'm *not* a member of the QA team (or TDF), so this is my
personal opinion as someone who worries about quality and is/was trying to
contribute some time/knowledge.

Again, in not a staff member so I usually only check QA and Users and even
if I occasionally post on other mailing lists (where I am allowed) I don't
feel that I have failed by not participating in that particular Website
discussion (which was directed by a Marketing logic)...

I wasn't offending anyone and I am/was also a volunteer. In any case, as you
can see from the (lack of) replies, not many people agree with my point. So
don't worry ;)

Kind regards,

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