[Libreoffice-qa] assertions from STL debug library

Kohei Yoshida libreoffice at kohei.us
Mon Mar 10 16:38:25 PDT 2014

Hello Terrence,

On Mon, 2014-03-10 at 15:42 -0400, Terrence Enger wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have noticed several bugs where my debug build shows the debug STL
> library raising an assertion.  Would it be useful to have a tracker
> bug for these?  A word on the whiteboard?

Just filing it as a normal crasher bug would be my advice.  Technically
speaking, an assertion from STL debug utility is a "crasher" that for
whatever reason didn't result in an actual crash due to nothing other
than just pure luck. ;-)

> BTW, I *assume* that if I encounter such an assertion, it is relevant
> to whatever bug I am looking at: perhaps earlier, hopefully more
> informative, quite likely somehow interesting.  Is this a good
> assumption?

Yes.  A crash when the STL debug turned on is an indication of what
would otherwise be a very hard to debug problem.  So, if you find those,
by all means treat them as regular bugs.  Just mention in your
reproducible steps that you have used a dbgutil build (which will help
those who are triaging), and be sure to attach a full stack trace.

All the best,


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