[Libreoffice-qa] REOPENED Bugs

Jochen Schiffers oooml at jochenschiffers.de
Fri Nov 7 08:19:09 PST 2014

Hi *,

Am 07.11.2014 um 00:01 schrieb Joel Madero:
> 1. What should we do about bugs that are REOPENED but unassigned? IMHO 
> these should be pushed back to NEW

> 2. Should we ping developers who have reopened bugs to see if they are 
> going to look into it again or if they can drop the bug?

> Good news is - now REOPENED actually has a useful definition:
> "A bug is REOPENED if it is (1) assigned; (2) the assigned developer 
> said they fixed it; (3) someone has reproduced the problem on a 
> version which according to the developer the problem should not appear."
> Useful?


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