[Libreoffice-qa] Release Notes Whiteboard Keyword

V Stuart Foote VStuart.Foote at utsa.edu
Fri Nov 14 16:11:59 PST 2014

Top posting reply to Joel's note...

Actually, it makes a lot of sense in that release notes really need a more descriptive narrative for substantive enhancements and bug fixes.  As is we often simply list the fixes against prior releases.

Envision this whiteboard tagging would support two aspects
1) the editorial tracking that substantive ehnancment/bug fixes  have been described in the release notes
2) encourage QA/Dev or OP to describe the user impact of fixing an issue directly in the BZ so it could be picked up in a release note snippet.

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Hi Jay,
> Hi All,
> I had recently been listening to a podcast and they mentioned that a
> linux or bsd distro would have a keyword in its bug tracking system for
> bugs that are worth mentioning in the release notes. So i was thinking
> that a whiteboard keyword of the same could be done so that it is easy
> to query bugzilla for these when libreoffice releases a major release.
I have really mixed feelings about this - sounds like a good way to
encourage pet bugs which we don't like. How is this different from just
the MAB list?


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