[Libreoffice-qa] question about a bug confirmation

Lera Goncharuk lera.goncharuk at gmail.com
Sun Nov 23 07:51:27 PST 2014

Hi all,

Basically. I translate documentation and news to Russian, but also I explain 
the position of developers and QA team about confirmation and fixing bugs to 
Russian users who have a weak command of the English.
My question is about a bug that I submitted yesterday (have a look at 
I do not complain or protest, but I need the position of QA team that I can 
explain to other users.
Do I understand correctly, that we should consult with developers when a bug 
violates principles of mathematical calculations and we give the status NEW 
only when developers confirm than bug can be fixed?
Do mathematical rules no longer apply to LibreOffice?
What should I tell users?
Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Best regards,

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