[Libreoffice-qa] QA Meeting Minutes - 2015-04-22

Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 09:30:59 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Thanks for the great QA Meeting on Wednesday! Minutes are here:

Our next meeting will be on May 6th:

We've been facing a tough challenge staying below 300 UNCONFIRMED
bugs, with our count currently back up at 324. By our Bug Hunting
Session for 5.0 in May, I hope that we can bring that number down to
250 (and not have it increase back to 300+)

Here are a few tips to help us get some traction in this space:

1) Make sure the summary is accurate

If the summary is vague, please clarify it. Or ask the reporter to do
so (and put the bug in NEEDINFO)

2) Use NEEDINFO whenever you need info from the reporter

If something about the bug isn't clear, if you need a document for
testing, or if you need repro steps from the bug reporter, please
leave a note and put the bug in NEEDINFO status.

We've added an automatic message that lets the bug reporter know that
they should change the status back to UNCONFIRMED after they reply
and/or provide the requested info or materials.

3) Add repro needs to the Whiteboard

If the bug requires Windows 7 and you don't have it, please put
'needsWin7' in the Whiteboard. If the bug requires a WebDAV server for
testing, put 'needsWebDAV' in the Whiteboard.

Appropriate tagging of UNCONFIRMED bugs will help the rest of QA
narrow-in on those particular bugs that require certain repro
environments, and let us complete triage more quickly and more

4) Use [hard to reproduce] in the Summary if testing with the same setup

If you test a bug using the same software and OS versions as the bug
reporter (e.g. LO 4.3.2 + Win7) and can't reproduce the problem, feel
free to add "[hard to reproduce]" at the end of the Summary.

This tag provides a visual clue to the rest of QA that this bug is
unlikely to be easily reproduced, and that unless they're looking for
a big challenge, they should spend time triaging other bugs.


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