[Libreoffice-qa] Question regarding bug workflow

Philippe Jung phil.jung at free.fr
Sun Apr 26 10:21:39 PDT 2015


I have questions regarding bug/fix workflow. From my understanding,
developers and QA wiki pages provide only partial answers.

To make it simple, I have a bug. Its status is NEW. I produced a patch
to fix the problem.


I updated it by setting "Assigned to:" with my email and changing status
to ASSIGNED. (And I guess I should have done it as soon as working on
the bug).

It is not clear that I have to make these two changes, one page dealing
of easyhack (Development/Easy_Hacks) mentions changing "Assigned to"
email but not changing status


I push the patch to gerrit.
Who changes the status to resolved and when?
A scheme on wiki QA/BSA/BugReport_Details suggests that ASSIGNED becomes
RESOLVED when "Development is finished". Does development finished
includes code review, merged into master... ?


Maybe not (only) QA related:
Who commits from Gerrit into master ?
In which release ?
How QA team knows the bug has to be verified ?



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