[Libreoffice-qa] Bugzilla: Update on Whiteboard -> Keywords migration

Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 03:20:28 PST 2015

Hi all,
The migration of several tags from the Whiteboard -> Keywords is now
largely complete for Open bugs. Here's some useful info for y'all:

Last week I made some tweaks to Bugzilla to make it easier to do bulk
edits to bugs without spamming everyone's inboxes. Because bugs were
updated without an email notification, I did include a short comment
with each silent change.

What's Changed?
There were several categories of Whiteboard tags that were migrated to
Keywords. Here's the live list of Keywords:

And here's the current wiki page for Whiteboard tags

The Keywords field will give you some auto-completion options once you
start typing, so as long as you remember the first few characters,
you're set.

Alongside the basic migration, I did a bit of consolidation, typo
correction, and added documentation. There were a number of EasyHacks
tagged with "SkippCpp" (instead of "SkillCpp") and some other amusing
Whiteboard entries. Remember: Although it may be tempting, please do
not write full sentences in the Whiteboard! :-)

Big kudos go to beluga and others who helped to triage and close a
number of old bugs that were uncovered during the migration.

How Do I Update My Queries?
The safest way to update any saved query urls is to open them in a
browser and tweak them live in Bugzilla. For those who like to live
dangerously, it's often possible to just search-and-replace
"status_whiteboard" -> "keywords" _IF_ all tags you're referencing
have been converted to Keywords. Example:



I've updated the pages on the TDF wiki to reflect the migrated
Whiteboard tags and provide some additional information on using
Keywords. If you know of external docs or references, or your eagle
eyes spot something in the wiki that I have missed, please let me


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