[Libreoffice-qa] Collabora LibreOffice Vanilla QA on OSX

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 07:30:54 PDT 2015

Le 23/06/2015 15:21, Robinson Tryon a écrit :

> How differently is it built? My understanding is that it's pretty
> close, but I haven't had a chance to really delve into the details. As
> we likely will start to see bugs showing up in Bugzilla, it might be
> good for us to make some notes for QA, just so we can make sure that
> reports get shuffled-over to the right people who can triage them and
> then fix them.

I don't actually know all of the differences, but for starters, it
appears to be built on 4.3.x branch from what I have read elsewhere. I
have no idea what other build switches are in there.

>> As an aside, what exactly is the expectation here ?
> From the Collabora side, I'd expect that Michael and/or Sam Tuke would
> be good people to answer any questions about their particular goals,
> etc. Speaking just as a project volunteer, I know that I've gotten
> inquiries from multiple Mac users in the past couple of years asking
> about whether we were ever going to make LibreOffice available via
> this app store, so I think that there is a good potential market for
> users who like the ease of installation and updates.

I didn't wish to give the impression that this was not a good thing.
Indeed, if it can attract more Mac users to LibreOffice and thereby spur
on Mac-based development, it is almost certainly a good idea. My concern
is that the version being provided in the AppStore is apparently in the
EOL branch as far as we (in the LO project) are concerned, so people
reporting bugs against LibreOffice Vanilla, and there have already been
at least 5 reports so far, some of which remain unconfirmed, are using
an out of date and EOL version.

> What's the status of NeoOffice? I haven't heard any news from that
> front in years.

It is still going (just about) - there are still fairly regular updates,
which I might add, don't require download of the whole shebam, merely a
patch set with an autoinstaller system which gets installed like any
other PKG.

I don't know whether they have a presence on the AppStore, there was
talk of it at one time, but I didn't follow that.

> It's *possible* that most mac users will gravitate towards an install
> via a trusted and easy-to-use update mechanism. I know that there's
> some GSoC work to repurpose the Mozilla updater this summer as well,
> so perhaps there will be even more choices for mac users soon.

This is also probably a good idea, but my concern is that we will be
inundated with people who don't understand the difference between our
version and Collabora's, especially as they seem to be routed to our
bugzilla for filing bugs.


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