[Libreoffice-qa] Linux dbgutil bibisect repo.

Terrence Enger tenger at iseries-guru.com
Thu May 28 12:10:30 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I am back on the internet again, and I am trying to do some QA work.
Toward that end, a couple of questions:

(1) The Linux dbgutil bibisect repository is not giving symbolic
    information to gdb.  See for example the skimpy backtrace in
    What can I do?

(2) According to the wiki, we do not have a bibisect repo covering
    master from 2014-05-21 to 2015-05-20.  Am I missing something?
    ( I do have part of the previous daily dbgutil bibisect repo, but
    only for 2014-05-21 to 2014-11-28.  I did something to bork my
    repository, and my internet connection was not stable enough to do
    a new `git clone`.  Yes, I am resolved to keep a backup of the new
    repo started 2015-05-20. )

Thank you, all.

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