[Libreoffice-qa] Reminder: QA Meeting on Wednesday

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Thu Nov 26 06:22:43 PST 2015

Joel Madero wrote on 25-11-15 16:22:

> Feel free to email the developer list and try to recruit developers to
> do what you're asking. No one is stopping you from doing this :) Doing
> it when many (most) of the regressions are not fully triaged might be a
> frustrating process for all involved.

There is a gradually growing number of regressions. Also bibisected
regressions. I know the ESC has attention for this, and that the board
recently approved projects/investments that are intended to help to
change this trend.
Pedro has a point that he doesn't like to accept the situation, and -
learning from his contributions - he is helping a lot with good work here.
Alas no ready to use solution from me today :)
It's on my mind, as some of you may know from some grumbling mails that
I send now and then. I expect to have some room next week to spend more
time on thinking for this. E.g. the suggestion for positive stimulation,
as mentioned also by Bjoern.

Pedro: can you please ping me in a week or so?


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