[Libreoffice-qa] Bugzila 4.3.x versions cleanup

Tommy barta at quipo.it
Sun Nov 29 09:40:42 PST 2015

since 6 months passed by from the 4.3.x EOL I cleaned up the bugzilla 
version field from all the alphas, betas and RCs.

now only final releases are available and a 4.3 all versions item has 
been added.

just a few considerations I've already expressed to Joel few months ago:

1- I still think that the 6 months EOL embargo before cleanup is too 
much... It would be better to do the cleanup earlier, let's say 4 or 3 
months after the EOL

2- I think the "all versions" items are unnecessary... as far as I 
remember that was an item created for the BSA which is now not supported 
anymore. when we ask users to define the "earlier version" where the bug 
appeared we want them to exactly define in which release the bug 
appeared... so this generic "all versions" item is in contrast with our 
policy. I suggest to hide all those "all versions" items from the 
version admin page. doing this we would get rid of 8 items from our long 
version list.

feel free to discuss this in the QA mailing list or in the next QA 
meeting... unfortunately I cannot be present in QA meetings because of 
work and family issue, but I'm interested to know what other people 
thinks about this

bye, Tommy

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