[Libreoffice-qa] Bugzila 4.3.x versions cleanup

Tommy barta at quipo.it
Sun Nov 29 11:15:01 PST 2015

Joel Madero wrote:
> Hi Tommy,
>> 1- I still think that the 6 months EOL embargo before cleanup is too
>> much... It would be better to do the cleanup earlier, let's say 4 or 3
>> months after the EOL
> I still disagree :) I don't see that many benefits and I see potential
> issues that cause headaches for users and contributors alike.

let's do practical examples...
I'm not seeing many bug reports about RCs of old .1, .2, .3 ... .6 
releases after 4 months that the final .7 RC1 has been released

so leaving all those RCs in the list for such a long time still seems to 
me just a waste of space...

regarding the 4.3.x branch I've just cleaned,
the 4.3.0 RC1 was released in june 2014...
the 4.3.4 RC1 was released in november 2014 and
the 4.3.7 final release was out in april 2015
and EOL was set on may 27 2015

we currently wait 6 months after the EOL, that is late november 2015
which means that the first 4.3.x RCs have been on the list for almost an 
year and an half

so where's the potential headache you see in users and developers if we 
anticipate the cleanup removing obsolete RCs ?

>> 2- I think the "all versions" items are unnecessary... as far as I
>> remember that was an item created for the BSA which is now not
>> supported anymore. when we ask users to define the "earlier version"
>> where the bug appeared we want them to exactly define in which release
>> the bug appeared... so this generic "all versions" item is in contrast
>> with our policy. I suggest to hide all those "all versions" items from
>> the version admin page. doing this we would get rid of 8 items from
>> our long version list.
> Mixed feelings here. I don't think we should be tinkering a lot unless
> there is a real gain. Again, here I see no real gain. Others have
> appropriately criticized the QA team for "tinkering too much" and I
> think that we should really think about if there is something concrete
> to gain before tinkering a bunch.

the gain is to shorten the list removing seldomly used items which are 
not accurate helping us tracking the first release where a bug 
appeared... if you say 4.3 all version may be any release between 4.3.0 
and 4.3.7 which spans a range of hundreds commits

> Best,
> Joel

Bye, Tommy

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