[Libreoffice-qa] [ANN] LibreOffice 5.2.4 rc2 test builds available

Jan Iversen jani at documentfoundation.org
Tue Dec 20 09:51:56 UTC 2016

Hi *,

for the upcoming new version 5.2.4 the builds for RC2 are now
available on pre-releases.

It is a build in release-configuration, meaning that it will update a
previous version of LibreOffice on Windows.
Linux and Mac users can install alongside LibreOffice 5.1


https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan/5.2#5.2.4_release <https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan/5.2#5.2.4_release>

for the complete schedule.

Grab the builds from here here:

 http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/pre-releases/ <http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/pre-releases/>

The list of fixed bugs relative to 5.2.4 rc1 is here:

http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/pre-releases/src/bugs-libreoffice-5-2-4-release- <http://dev-builds.libreoffice.org/pre-releases/src/bugs-libreoffice-5-2-4-release->

So playing with the areas touched there also greatly appreciated  -
and validation that those bugs are really fixed.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Jan I (on behalf of Christian)

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