[Libreoffice-qa] minutes of ESC call ...

jan iversen jani at documentfoundation.org
Thu Jun 2 16:46:39 UTC 2016

> * Commit Access
>    + cleanup of stale? committers (Norbert)
>      + ran a script to find people with no commit >1 yr.
>         + or should we let them stay around.
>      + some project revoked after 0.5 years (Miklos)
>         + frugalware.
>      + do we have any problem with leaving them ? (Stephan)
>         + no; but don't want to ever be (Norbert)
>      + concern wrt. removing committers (JanI)
>         + openhub counts actual commits (Norbert)
>      + generate a mail if they arrive (JanI)
>      + social aspect concern (Michael)
>         + if we can get people active again by poking (Bjoern)
>            + can be helpful.
>         + otherwise leave open & put a watch on commits (Bjoern)
>            + just look at these carefully.
>            + and welcome them back.
>      + concern wrt. the work, some people move on (Norbert)
>         + do we want to keep them open forever.
>         + we have a bunch of ex. GSOC never seen again ?
>            + silently remove those we think are unlikely to come back
>            + concern wrt. creating lots of rules
>            + notify removing them.
>      + for sure - commit rights to random projects (Kendy)
>         + not feel comfortable committing now.
>         + if not for three years - through gerrit.
>    => leave up to JanI

Based on the above discussion, my intention is:

- To extend my nightly statistic script, to check new commits (probably restricted to our code repo).
- For every commit If the delta between the last commit from the author and this commit is more than 1Year, the script will notify me.
- I will write a "happy to see you again" mail, with copy the dev list, so the author hopefully starts to be an active part of the community again.

- We already have scripting in place, to mail authors who have not contributed for > 3 months. (see "20(20) to be emailed" in the stats.

- Before revoking anybodys commit right please notify me in advance, so I can write a nice email to them as a last poke before executing the revoke.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.
jan I

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