[Libreoffice-qa] right-click menu of images in Writer: submenu of Wrap has only one entry

Jean-Baptiste Faure jbfaure at libreoffice.org
Wed Jun 22 05:40:23 UTC 2016


Le 22/06/2016 07:04, Jean-Baptiste Faure a écrit :
> [...]
> In fact it seems to depend on the kind of image. I have this reduced
> context menu for the first image I tested and neglected to test some
> other images. Now, with other images I see the normal context menu.
> I will investigate to find what particularity of my first image triggers
> this reduced context menu.

The reduced context menu appears when the image is anchored "as
character". In that case there is no text flow around the image to be

Sorry for the noise.

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