[Libreoffice-qa] QA Meeting (2016-11-23)

Xisco Fauli xiscofauli at libreoffice.org
Wed Nov 23 19:16:27 UTC 2016

Meeting started by x1sc0 at 18:30:21 UTC.  The full logs are available

Meeting summary

* rollcall  (x1sc0, 18:30:32)

* monthly meeting  (x1sc0, 18:39:23)
   * IDEA: <buovjaga> I think a monthly meeting would be enough, we can
     always reschedule, if we suddenly get 100 new contributors  (x1sc0,
   * IDEA: I think the same way  (x1sc0, 18:39:49)
   * IDEA: if something important needs discussions we have the mailling
     list  (x1sc0, 18:40:21)
   * AGREED: to change the meeting to be monthly  (x1sc0, 18:42:48)

* FOSDEM  (x1sc0, 18:43:00)
   * is anybody reading this in the maillinglist going to FOSDEM?
     (x1sc0, 18:43:37)
   * I was wondering if we could have a QA meeting in person as we did in
     Brno  (x1sc0, 18:44:06)
   * if someone is going, please contact me  (x1sc0, 18:44:15)

* Bug Hunting Session LibreOffice 5.3.0 beta1  (x1sc0, 18:46:19)
   * IDEA: so I plan to spam a bit the telegram groups  (x1sc0, 18:47:11)
   * IDEA: <buovjaga> maybe the localized Facebook groups would be a good
     target for spam, if the admins get on board  (x1sc0, 18:48:22)
   * LINK: https://www.facebook.com/LibreOfficeHU/
     https://www.facebook.com/libreofficenl/ what have you  (buovjaga,
   * ACTION: I try to get those names and contact them  (x1sc0, 18:51:20)
   * IDEA: sophie can be a good source of knowledge  (x1sc0, 18:51:34)
   * IDEA: I also have in mind to ask in IRC if anybody needs help
     (x1sc0, 18:52:35)
   * LINK: https://www.facebook.com/libreitalia  (buovjaga, 18:57:50)
   * LINK: https://www.facebook.com/LibreOfficeJa/  (buovjaga, 18:58:58)
   * LINK: https://www.facebook.com/libreofficebr/  (buovjaga, 18:59:44)
   * ACTION: to contact all people/groups mentioned in the meeting
     (x1sc0, 19:00:29)

* barnstars  (x1sc0, 19:01:14)
   * IDEA: we still have one week to award others with barnstars  (x1sc0,
   * IDEA: don't forget to award other people in QA or other teams for
     the great effort their put in this project  (x1sc0, 19:03:11)

* next meeting  (x1sc0, 19:05:53)
   * IDEA: <buovjaga> 11th of January after all holidays  (x1sc0,
   * IDEA: week 50 can work as well  (x1sc0, 19:06:40)

Meeting ended at 19:14:10 UTC.

People present (lines said)

* x1sc0 (85)
* buovjaga (27)
* steve-_-1 (2)
* IZBot (2)

Xisco FaulĂ­
Libreoffice QA Team
IRC: x1sc0

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