[Libreoffice-qa] Large-scale warning fixes in Windows-only code

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at redhat.com
Mon Oct 17 10:14:31 UTC 2016

I finally managed to get our Clang loplugin working with clang-cl on 
Windows.  This caused lots of warnings, in Windows-only code (as the 
generic code is routinely run against the loplugin on Linux and macOS 
already), that have been fixed in a bunch of recent master commits, 
split into one commit per code module.

Many of the fixes are trivial, semi-automated ones, but some are not. 
And the likelihood of regressions is certainly non-zero in such an 
amount of changes.  However, the nature of such all-across-the-codebase 
changes makes it hard to adequately test for regressions upfront.

Hence this heads up:  If you come across any Windows-only regressions on 
master, it might be to do with this bunch of changes.  They got split 
into the following three blocks:

* 974b7fe6dfa8935a2068365e416b8d886f9d2a32 "clang-cl loplugin: sal" from 
Oct 4

"clang-cl loplugin: xmlsecurity--shell" from Oct 15

"clang-cl loplugin: sfx2--avmedia" from Oct 16

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