[Libreoffice-qa] LibreOffice Online and Collabora Online demos for TDF members and contributors

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at collabora.com
Tue Feb 21 10:37:11 UTC 2017

Dear TDF members, developers, localizers, QA-ers, and all contributors,

We are happy to announce two demo servers:

1. LibreOffice Online powered by LibreOffice, weekly snapshot of
   master branches of online and core repositories, with ownCloud 9.1


    Here is where you can checkout the latest features, latest
    translations, and help file and fix the latest bugs.

2. Collabora Online demo, the stable product from Collabora with Nextcloud 11

    These are just the start - credentials are based from the new (under
development) TDF LDAP server - allowing other providers to connect and
provide other services.

    To create an LDAP account (that you should be able to use in the
future to access TDF Bugzilla, TDF Wiki, etc.) - checkout:


* More details:

    These demos will allow you to try out LibreOffice Online and Collabora
Online. You can upload new documents, share them and edit them (alone or
collaboratively). But before you start to upload files, please keep the
following in mind:

    * Don’t upload private or sensitive information. Sessions and data
      may be logged for performance and testing reasons, so when you use
      this demo, don’t upload your diary or bank statements. A set of
      test-files is already uploaded for you, ready to play with. Having
      said that, we will try hard to avoid publishing your data without
      your consent.

    * These demos are running on Collabora's servers, which will be upgraded
      fairly regularly. This is cool, because you’ll be able to try out
      the latest edition, with new features etc. On the other hand: your
      data may get eaten! save regularly.

    * We'll try to keep the service available - but it may disappear at
      any time - no guarentees.

* About LibreOffice Online

    With LibreOffice Online you can collaboratively edit office documents
directly in any modern browser. It includes Writer, Calc and Impress,
and boosts excellent support for all popular office file formats.
There is an optimized LibreOffice core at the heart of the architecture
of LibreOffice Online, and document rendering is achieved by delivering
a “picture” of the document to the GUI in the form of a canvas of .png
tiles. When users edit a document, these .png tiles are refreshed
seamlessly to display the new or amended content. (Press
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D in the browser to enter into debugging mode and see how
it works.)

* Credits

    While we celebrate and credit the fantastic work of the LibreOffice
community without which there could be no LibreOffice Online - it is
clear that Collabora (with thanks to our customers & partners) is the
architect and driving force behind putting LibreOffice in the Cloud.
We're eager to change that: there is lots of low hanging fruit here
for developers, and we love contributions. So please get testing, and
contributing to the code - patches welcome in gerrit and on the
development mailing lists.

michael.meeks at collabora.com <><, GM Collabora Productivity
 Skype: mmeeks, Google Hangout: mejmeeks at gmail.com
 (M) +44 7795 666 147 - timezone usually UK / Europe

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