[Libreoffice-qa] First draft for the TestLink admin guide

Thomas Hackert thackert at nexgo.de
Tue Mar 7 17:52:49 UTC 2017

Hello Sophie, *,
after playing around a bit, I have started to write the admin guide
for TestLink at
https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/TestLink/Admin_Guide, though I
am still at the beginning of experimenting with TestLink and also
with the documentation of it (found some strange behaviours on
TestLink with my admin account as well as a newly created tester
where I need to search for a solution on TestLink's documentation
and / or issue tracker... :( ). I hope I will find some time the
next days to add further details for it, but would be glad to have
some proofreaders and especially any opinions here:

what do you think about it? Am I "on the right track" (i.e. should
I continue with it that way or would you prefer to see
descriptions from every link beginning on the top left to the
bottom right with its linked sides)?

My idea was to start with user creation (maybe deletion as well) and
assigning roles, later adding test projects for several NL
communities, adding a Bugzilla (or maybe Redmine, if I cannot find a
quick instruction to add ours to TestLink ... ;) ), and let all test
related description go to the user guide ... ;)

But maybe has some better / additional idea what could be added
there ... ;)
Have a nice evening

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