[Libreoffice-qa] Using bibisect

Ilmari Lauhakangas ilmari.lauhakangas at libreoffice.org
Mon Nov 12 18:02:34 UTC 2018

Alex Kempshall kirjoitti 12.11.2018 klo 19.42:
>> Branches are not used. Tagged commits are used, but usually only 
>> "oldest" and "latest" are tagged. 
> So this is maybe why I did this the last time I did a bibisect
>> git checkout f69ad1e0f0cfcfc6488e3739c4ef7efcc1445b72
>> git bisect start
>> git bisect good
>> git bisect bad master
>> ./opt/program/soffice --base /home/alex/Documents/aprog_mysql.odb
>> git bisect bad

Typically one would do this:

1) confirm the problem does not exist in the oldest commit and does 
exist in the latest commit: git checkout oldest, test, git checkout 
master, test
2) git bisect start master oldest
3) do a test, then either git bisect good or bad
4) repeat step 3 lots of times

If you are lucky enough to know a specific source commit that either 
does or does not have the problem, you can find the bibisect repo commit 
with this: 


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