[Libreoffice-qa] [libreoffice-documentation] Buttons/Icons missing from the form Formatting Toolbar.

V Stuart Foote VStuart.Foote at utsa.edu
Mon Mar 25 13:49:09 UTC 2019

Believe display of the LTR and RTL toolbar buttons are dependent on the Language settings. Support for CTL (language can be none) must be checked enabled (Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Languages).  Then restart Calc.

Works like that for me on Windows 10 with 6.2.2 and current master/6.3.0

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Heiko Tietze kirjoitti 25.3.2019 klo 10.27:
> On 24.03.19 19:08, Ilmari Lauhakangas wrote:
>> Dave Barton kirjoitti 24.3.2019 klo 18.51:
>>> I am working to complete a chapter of the LO Calc 6.2 user guide and I
>>> just need a couple of small screen captures to finish. I need to capture
>>> the Formatting toolbar Text Direction and Text orientation
>>> buttons/icons, but I cannot get them to display in Calc 6.2 on either
>>> Windows 7 or 10.
>>> is a capture of the failed customization dialog.
>>> Maybe I have missed it, but I haven't been able to find a report on this
>>> issue in Bugzilla.
>>> Are any other Windows users experiencing the same problem with toolbar
>>> buttons/icons not displaying in Calc?
>> I confirm the problem on Windows with 6.2.2 and a fresh master build. It is not dependent on the icon theme.
>> On Linux, it is a different story. With 6.2.2, I see the LTR and RTL buttons, but not the text direction buttons. With master, I see all of the buttons.
>> I could not find an existing report.
>> The problem does not go away in Safe mode.
>> The problem is not seen in the latest commit in the win32 bibisect repos for 6.2 or 6.3.
>> I think I will consult the design team before doing anything else.
>> Ilmari
> No issue with master (home made 6.3/Linux, haven't checked a nightly build). .uno:ParaLeftToRight and .uno:ParaRightToLeft have been there for a long time so any change must happened at SID_ATTR_PARA_LEFT_TO_RIGHT/SID_ATTR_PARA_RIGHT_TO_LEFT etc. There is no ticket on BZ, so it might have been fixed silently.

It is not fixed as it is a problem on Windows.

Dave: I think you can go ahead and create a report in Bugzilla. Thanks
for bringing this up.


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