[Libreoffice-qa] My own bibisect repos (in China) and Python script

Kevin Suo suokunlong at 126.com
Wed Feb 19 03:36:30 UTC 2020

Dear Team:

I am sharing my own bibisect repos, as well as the Python script I used 
to generate the repos, in the following link, in case someone is 
interested in:

Please note that this website is current IPv6-only. It is my own home 
server located in Mainland China. If you are not able to open this link, 
it is very likely that you do not have an IPv6-ready network.

I am doing this because we have difficulty downloading the official 
bibisect repos, due to very slow download speed. People in China (and 
maybe those in Asia) may benefit from this. I am also sharing a mirror 
of the "core" and "translations" source code repo.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kevin Suo

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