[Libreoffice-qa] Ability to have Snap/Flatpak/etc. for bug hunting season

Dan Lewis elderdanlewis at gmail.com
Sat May 9 12:23:12 UTC 2020

On 5/9/20 07:11, William Gathoye (LibreOffice) wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> While officially not in charge of LibreOfficeFR any more on Twitter,
> some people are requesting why we don't have Flatpak/Snap packages for
> prereleases versions as well?
> Some contributors aren't eager to test because installing the current
> .deb/.rpm could interfere with their current profile. Having a simple
> Flatpak/Snap/AppImage packages could ease the ongoing bug hinting process.

This can be solved fairly easily is some steps are followed. If the 
pre-release version agrees with the current version (e.g.: and resp.), then the pre-release needs to be installed in parallel, 
both the installation file and the help file that goes with it. How to 
do this is on the LibreOffice website. Then the bootstrap file for needs to be modified. The /4 needs to be / (this requires 
administrative rights). If desired, with administrative rights, the 
entire installation folder can be moved to /opt/ next to the version. Now when is first run, a new folder appears in 

I do this all of the time.


> I know some images are not managed by TDF directly, but providing one
> for those we officially support could help IMHO.
> Regards,

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