[Libreoffice-qa] ESC meeting agenda - Adding topic: Broken release process when fresh become still and when still become EOL'ed

William Gathoye (LibreOffice) william.gathoye at libreoffice.org
Wed Jan 27 17:22:48 UTC 2021

Hi there,

I would like the ESC take action on a pending topic that is annoying a 
bunch of users and that I have been constantly reporting for **3 years 
now**[0]: desynchronization between the website and the TDF update service.

See here [1] for more background info. For complains: [2], [3], nearly 
all recent past infra meetings minutes, video chat with Florian 
Effenberger from last Friday.

The update service and the versions displayed on the website need to be 
aligned. Sure, when a new release is cut and advertised on the website 
and social media, we can accept one or 2 days max. delay on the TDF 
update service, but if we choose a delay, we need 1) to be 
**consistent** and 2) **stick to it**.

Right now: 6.4 is EOL'ed[4] but it is still advertised on the website 
while the update service is redirecting users of 6.4 to the 7.0 version. 
This is hurting users of LibreOffice relying on the update service, not 
only Chocolatey users.


1. Remove links to 6.4, put a warning "6.4 is eOL'ed and users should 
download the 7.0 version" and add a link to downloadarchive.tdf for all 
previous versions OR simplyput 7.0 to -still with a warning explaining 
why the version is the same as -fresh [5]. (Yes, I know the website is 
undergoing an uplifting, but we cannot wait further).

2. Write and ensure a check list for the release process is **enforced** 
to ensure these use case are properly handled and the TDF update service 
is advertising the right version with 2 days max delay.

I'm pretty convinced that these two issues are really easy to fix and 
fixing them can enhance our reliability and thus our reputation /marketing.

Also, following our new marketing strategic plan, what has been decided? 
Do we still need to use a -still version?

I'll be there at the ESC meeting to support this tomorrow if you want. 
ESC meetings being quick and not to bother anyone with limited time, if 
you need further details, we can have a dedicated video chat if you want.

[0] First time reported in person to Christian Lohmeier at the 2018 
FOSDEM hackfest/dinner

[1] https://listarchives.libreoffice.org/global/website/2021/msg00000.html

[2] https://twitter.com/SuisJeFou/status/1189988140842393603

[3] comment section of: 
https://chocolatey.org/packages/libreoffice-still (new lenghty rant from 
R. Diez received today - which I understand)

[4] https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/ReleasePlan/6.4#End_of_Life

[5] The MMVC code on the Silverstripe instance we have is not that 
complicated to automate the change if needed. src.: 

William Gathoye
Hyper<hack>tive volunteer for LibreOffice
Proud member of The Document Foundation
CM of LaMouette - French based association promoting ODF and LibreOffice
Consultant Technical Marketer at Collabora
DevOps Engineer at Arawa
Core Committer at Mattermost

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