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Friedrich Strohmaier damokles4-listen at bits-fritz.de
Fri Aug 5 14:51:02 PDT 2011

Hi Gerald, *,

first of all: I'm not a software developer!

I think there is a misunderstanding here..

Am 05.08.2011 22:51 schrieb Gerald Leppert:
> Hi Kohei,


> Thanks for making me understand the matured objectives of the 
> EasyHacks-system. Although I do not share your rough statements about
> "mis-using", "injecting" and "pet peeves", I propose that I add easy
> bugs or enhancement requests as "[ProposedEasyHack]" in the future.

How do You find out a bug to be an "easy bug"? Are You a software
engineer taking your assumption out of knowledge of the code?

If so You might be able to propose a patch as well.

If not, You are member of a big group of people *assuming* a bug to be
an "easy bug". I understand every software engineer to be not amused
beeing faced that assumption beeing estimated as a fact.

> Then, I do not conflict with the objectives of the EasyHacks-system
> as you pointed them out.

> However, I would like to point to some problems and inconsistencies 
> in the EasyHacks-system that might be worth to consider:

As far as I got it, EasyHacks is a plain software engineer means where a
bug recognized as EasyHack by the expert isn't resolved in short time
but instead put to EasyHacks page waiting for a new Hacker resolving it
under the eyes of this particular expert and learning the code

That has nothing to do with handling of new bugs at all no matter
whether disfunction or enhancement issue.

> 1. The whiteboard tag "ProposedEasyHack" does not seem to have any 
> effect. So far, I have not seen any bug tagged as "ProposedEasyHack" 
> which was touched by a developer and changed to "EasyHack"


> Summing up: I propose that "ProposedEasyHacks" are taken more 
> seriously and are really be converted by someone to "EasyHacks" if 
> identified to be really easy. Also, in my opinion, the 
> mentorship-argument does not hold for really-easy-hacks (please see 
> my examples above).

Please understand: You can only propose an EasyHack if You are a
developer and could fix that bug *Yourself*.

Hope I could help make it more clear.

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