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Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 5 01:27:00 PST 2011

Hi Michael, everyone,

I've finished up a patch to completely remove the Large Handles
option. In large part, it touches on the same files that Tim's patch
to remove Simple Handles did.
It is not quite what Michael asked for (the removal of just the
interface options), but I still think that's sensible, as:

* I personally don't think we should have such an option; the size of
the handles should depend on different factors (the screen's PPI,
whether it is a touchscreen or not (are handles even necessary, if yes
they'll need to be much larger), whether accessibility options are
active (large text, high-contrast mode))

* If we then still feel that we don't cover everyone with that, we
should just consider making the default handles larger again (so that,
for ~100 PPI screens we could have 13*13 px handles [1]).

* If we really ever want to re-introduce that option, it should
absolutely be a global option, not three app-specific ones.

(Neither of the above three points should happen before the 3.5 release.)

In case all this isn't sufficient reason to completely remove the
option, feel free to amend the patch and just use the modifications
made in the .src files.

I know today is feature freeze, everyone will be busy and this might
not be too high on the list of things that need to be done, and
additionally, I could push this myself, but this too large for me to
feel that I should push it on my own.



[1]  This actually is Michael's proposal.
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