[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Input bar UX

Stefan Knorr (Astron) heinzlesspam at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 12 14:24:34 PST 2011

Hi everyone,

this is a really nice feature, but I've got a few buts:
* The feature could be more discoverable, maybe using an icon instead
of the arrowhead on the button would help – I'd recommend the "Shrink"
icon that's in so many of Calc dialogues. This will give an issue with
the width of the scrollbar, though. No idea how to remedy that yet.

* I agree with Kendy in that pressing Ctrl-Enter should resize the
input field. I don't think I can give a detailed analysis of this
problem, but when using the field my assumption was that I'd get a
/second/ input line (i. e. only one additional, not five additional
lines) when pressing Ctrl-Enter. I think Excel does this similarly
(but I don't have Excel here, so can't check).

* Entering more than one line of characters without adding a line
break (i. e. without Ctrl-Entering), then clicking on the arrowhead
button reveals only the last part of the line you just entered. You
can't use the scrollbar to scroll up in this case, all you can do is
select the text to see the previous line.

* The jumpery that's already been discussed is annoying indeed, for
some reason the Name Box seems to jump especially vivaciously.

* The (one-line) expression line now seems to have a lower height and
is still not drawn like a GTK+ element. That's a bit ugly.

I hope my commentary is helpful; and multiple line are still a great
feature, but if all these bugs stay in 3.5, it might seem a bit
half-baked which is bad, considering that this is one of the most
important UI elements in Calc.



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