[Libreoffice-ux-advise] Subscribing to UIX lists

Nathaniel Schultz schultz at teachingfactory.org
Wed Jun 15 11:26:48 PDT 2011

After looking through your website for help needed, the obvious place to
help is user interface design. (an area I've worked in) I don't promise
to devote tons of time to this, but I will attempt to send you guys
useful input when I have it.

I already have some thoughts about grouping commands into task-based
options (which shall overlap, if things like "Insert" and "Edit" are
separated. Adding something and then adjusting it, or removing something
and replacing  with something else are obviously frequent use cases.)
that could help in navigation/location of options and selecting of
relevant feedback. Something more concrete to toss out as a proposal
would be more useful, though, so I'm planning on developing the idea a
whit before actually throwing it out there.

I'm not certain which lists to join, from the website, so here goes nothing.

-- Nate Schultz

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