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Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 29 19:11:40 PDT 2011

Hello Christoph,
2011/6/30 Christoph Noack <christoph at dogmatux.com>

> Hi Markus!
> Thanks for your mail ... I quickly had a look at it and got stuck within
> the dialog. So the Navigator has to wait a bit :-)
> Am Dienstag, den 28.06.2011, 21:28 +0200 schrieb Markus Mohrhard:
> > Hello Christoph,
> >
> > we added local range names as a new feature for 3.4 and are trying to
> > get rid of all bugs for 3.5.
> So, where to start? I had a look at the "Define Names" dialog and -
> besides the fact that I was able to add some local range names - found
> the following issues:
>      * broken natural workflow: if an area is selected, and if the
>        "Define Names" dialog is opened, and the "Scope" is changed,
>        then it drops the "Assigned to" and Name entries --> so if
>        people want to add a local range name, they have to enter it
>        after opening the dialog

Ok, will add this to fdo#38565

     * the scope dropdown lists "Document (Global)" - so the user has
>        to guess that the other items are meant to be "(Local)"

This is nearly the same behaviour as in Excel and I think after the entry
Global I wouldn't expect any more global entries. But if you propose a
better naming scheme I will change it.

     * The name "Scope" is technically correct (computer science) but
>        might be misleading for users. It (I presume this) acts both as
>        a filter (to filter the name selection) and a selector (create
>        global / local ranges).

Same as above. I can live with this name but wea re able to change it if you
make a better suggestion.

>      * the naming "Assigned to" is now affected as well - since it
>        might also refer to the table the range is defined in (but I'm
>        not a native English speaker, so I might simply not know ...)
>      * the new item "Scope" uses different grouping and is not aligned
>        with the other controls in the dialog
>      * Technical question: Is it intended that I can create a local
>        range (e.g. on Sheet1) by referring to another table (e.g.
>        Sheet3)?

Yes. The idea is that you can create a name that refers to any range but the
name is only visible to this sheet. Some nice results are for example: You
have a global name that refers to a range and only on one sheet you have a
local name with the same name. Now only on this sheet you refer to a
different range but your formulas are exactly the same.

> I think most of the stuff can be revised easily ... I just don't know
> how ;-) I'm still thinking about it and had a look how recent versions
> of MSO handle that. A bit different, so to say. But, they use the term
> "Scope" - a bit surprising to me.

I think MSO just started to use local range names too. So I think we don't
need to keep that much of compatibility there, but I might be wrong here.

> Is there any description available (non-code) that summarizes how our
> new dialog is intended to work? Maybe I just stumbled across weird bugs,
> so I don't know what's intended and what not.

Except for the limited scope, local and global range names should work the
same way. The only minor difference is that local range names have a higher
priority than global range names. All other difference I can imagine now are
bugs or just not yet implemented but I would like to reach the point where
there is no difference any more.

> Would be great if you could shed some light on it! After knowing more,
> it should be easy to discuss the Navigator issue.
> Have nice evening,
> Christoph
So just add every bug or change you would like to see in this area to my
nice bug  https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=38565 . Every notice
in a mail gets lost with the time but I will close the bug only if i think
that all issues mentioned are resolved ;)

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